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Cemetery Slideshow

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If you've seen the trailer, this tiny statue should look familiar too!

I just loved this little angel and in fact used it in my book trailer.

A Somber Beauty

Some people don't like cemeteries, but I have always found them to be quiet places of unique beauty. I especially enjoy those in Louisiana, where most of the graves are above ground due to the high water table. Here are some photos we took while strolling through several different cemeteries.

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Swamp Slideshow

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Whispers of the Bayou Book Trailer

Click on the arrow, above, to see the Whispers of the Bayou book trailer.  If this doesn't work, try clicking the link on the upper right side of this page instead.  Enjoy!

Much More to Come

Check back soon to see more fun photos from our walk through the swamp...not to mention the rest of our Louisiana adventure!

And We're Off!

Which Way Do We Go, George?

While my husband examines our options, I'm eager to check out the local flora and fauna...

First Stop, the Swamp

We had a hunch our best bet for getting up close and personal with the  Louisiana outdoors was to head directly to Livingston Parish and check out the Tickfaw State Park.  We were right.  Here we are at the pavilion, getting ready to explore.

More Mossy Beauty

On the Ground

How to capture all of that gorgeous Spanish moss in a mere photo?  It wasn't easy, but we tried!

A Perfect View of the Crescent City

Landing in New Orleans is always a treat, but the angle was especially good on this trip, providing us with some excellent views of the city.

The Expedition Begins

My husband John loves to snap pictures out of airplane windows, and this time his photos were especially useful!  Since Miranda flies to Louisiana in the book, it was nice to get a good view of the terrain from the sky.